Created by Linda Simpson x Magenta Inc.

No more tracking dirt, snow or sand into the house. Wipe feet and shoes fashionably with FL4MATS! Cushions and massages feet while being fashionable. They are anti-fungal and protect floors.

FL4MATS by Magenta



Magenta is a company that focuses on the artisanal designs that also function in your daily life. We started out making ceramics, and now we are excited to introduce to you a new project: FL4MATS.  


FL4MATS were created by Linda Simpson, of the owner of Imagination Network, a global design, development and sourcing organization in Amesbury, MA.  After a long career in the Home, Fashion Accessory and Gift industry, creating several multi-million dollar collections for others, she finally decided to invest in her own brand, FL4MATS™, a new line of mats that are both fashionable and functional!

Why Mats? She noticed the floor mat category was still growing but little innovation which meant there was an opportunity to improve the mats on the market , that shed, mildewed, faded and were hard to clean. Suddenly, on a trip to China she kept noticing a an innovative material used in taxis and on factory floors which she learned was recyclable looped polypropylene(plastic). After finding a factory

partner, she presented designs. 

The team at Magenta fell in love with the product and the idea behind it. Having known Linda for over 15 years, we decided to support her entrepreneurial pursuit by carrying her new line of door mats. Its one of the bigger launches we've done outside of the ceramic world. 


“I hope you will love our mats as they are beautiful, durable, easy to clean and are designed for every taste, season, and pets!” -Linda Simpson


Our New Floor Mats


The Lady in Paradise:

 For those that find vibrant colors as part of their oasis. 


  The Beach Goer:

   For those drawn to nautical designs. 




  The Holiday Hostess:

   For those who are festive.


The Coastal Queen:

For those who love designs inspired by the coast 




  The Dog Mom:

    For those who need a mat for their fur babies.


"FL4Mats are the perfect material because it sluffs off dirt, sand, water and snow but never gets moldy and is always soft on my feet."



What is different about our door mats? We've created a 19"x 29" mat with recyclable looped polypropylene that is anti fade, anti fungal and is easy to clean. It can be used for patios, pools, drying mats, pet mats and much more.